About Me

Hello everyone, My name is Guille Chan. I am passionate for learning languages and cultures of the World. I created this website to share this knowledge with the world.

This website is for everyone who has any interest in learning languages. It is for intelligent people (yes, you!) who want to advance their carreer. It is for business people who want to make more bu$ine$$. It is for people looking to find love (perhaps in another part of the world?) It is for travelers, and those planning to travel. Enjoy!

So if you are up to the challenge, and you are interested in learning languages, such as English, Spanish or French, make sure to subscribe to my Free Language Learning. If you want to learn more, take my tutoring.

There are four aspects to language learning: Listening, speaking, reading and writing. I am here to help you

I guarantee to enrich your life by helping you communicate better in foreign languages. It is my promise to you.

Guille Chan